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Rev'd Valerie Howe

Reverend Valerie Howe

The WOD committee was established by our International Women of Destiny Director – Valerie Howe, following the untimely death of her father.

Valerie was consumed with grief and a few months into her grief, her husband Gary held up her hands and said, “Woman, Rise Up”. Valerie said that nudge from her husband catapulted her into getting up and running with the vision God had placed inside her.
Valerie is filled with God’s anointing. She is an exciting electrified worship leader and teacher. She is fueled by a passion to fulfill God’s mandate in these turbulent times.  She understands the demands and pressures facing women and is not afraid to deal with hard relevant issues, challenging women to pursue a life of moral integrity, physical purity and spiritual intensity.

She is a woman with zeal, enthusiasm, anointing and a passion for souls. She also teaches, mentors, and motivates others into realizing their potential and is an ordained minister in her own right.

Reverend Valerie Howe also serves as the International Women’s Director for the Harvest Army Church, Head quarters situated in New York.

Valerie Howe: Woman of Substance

Valerie Howe: Woman of Substance

She supports her husband, Senior Pastor Rev Gary Howe, in pastoral duties within the Harvest Army Church International UK, Nottingham, and WOD falls under the umbrella of the Harvest Army Church International.

Throughout her years of study, she has gained a B.A. (Hons) in Education and Higher Certificate in Intercultural Theology. Valerie has skills and experience in Researching Spirituality, Business Administration, Book-keeping and Information Technology.

She has recently been recognized and awarded as one of the 100th Woman of Substance in Nottingham.